Coloured Pasta

Here we go again … Coloured Pasta this time! The recipe is almost identical to the Coloured Rice one.  The only difference being the rice/pasta.

I usually use Penne pasta, but as you can see in the photo, I branched out and used Rotelle (wheel shaped), and Hello Kitty pasta (naturally!). I just bought these from my local supermarket.

It’s super easy to make, with hardly any ingredients required:

1 cup uncooked, dry pasta
1-2 TBSP white vinegar
Food colouring (as much as you want)
Snap Lock Bag
Baking paper
Baking tray

Put all ingredients into the snap lock bag, seal, and mix together. Once you are happy it has mixed, tip out of bag and onto the baking paper (on the baking tray). Spread the wet, coloured pasta out. Leave to dry.

NOTE: The vinegar is used to help spread the colour out. I have also used hand sanitizer, as it works the same way.

Repeat for every necessary colour.

What to do with it once it’s dry: it’s a sensory activity so let your kids play with it in their hands. Give them string and let them thread it through the pasta to make a necklace. Use baking utensils, cups, sieves, etc and the kids can pretend to “bake” with it.  Or pull out the Play Dough and let them push pieces into it …




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