Dealing With The Bad Days



Dealing With The Bad Days


After I forgot to take my post-natal depression medication last night, I had quite a horrific day today.  I was easy to anger, got annoyed at everything.  I yelled.  I felt like screaming.  I wanted to punch things.  It was pretty extreme.

I didn’t act on the last two things, as I am more aware of my emotions than when I was first diagnosed.  However, it was still a pretty rough day.

I just wanted to say that days like this are normal.  Even on medication.  I still have shit days.  Mainly because I like to think that the meds return me to my normal self.  And my normal self still gets pissed off at things.

Anyway – I just wanted to write this list of tips to help deal with the down days.  They’re just from my perspective, and are what works for me.  So just like anything in life – read, digest, and then make it work for you.

Here are six things that I found worked for me when dealing with the bad days:


1. Acknowledge
Acknowledge to yourself that you’re having a shitty day.  It’s ok to admit it – we all have them.  Depression or not: Parenting is hard.

2. Communicate to the Adults
Let the people around you know.  I told my husband “I forgot to take my pills last night so am having a bit of a rough day today, sorry if I seem like a bitch”.  Thankfully my husband is really understanding, so was great.

3. Communicate to the Kids
I don’t go into great detail, but I do tell them that “I’m not having a great day today”.  It’s ok to be honest with your kids.  You’re not putting anything on them – more just letting them know where you’re at.  They might not understand it, but I still believe in communicating.

4. Let it out
If you have to let it out, then do it.  Scream.  Cry.  Yell.  Punch a pillow.  Do what you need to to let the emotion out.  Obviously don’t take it physically out on yourself or your children, but letting it out in the ways I’ve said, isn’t bad.

5. Tomorrow
Tomorrow is another day.  With a new day brings new feelings, new emotions and new challenges.  It might seem like it’s a never-ending cycle, but things do change.

6. Do what you need to
Do what you need to to get through the day.  Especially if you have kids.  Easy meals, TV time, lots of coffee / tea.  Make it easy for yourself. Your sanity is most important – as you are raising your children.


I truly believe the first 3 points are key to dealing with the shitty days.  Acknowledge your feelings, and then make sure you communicate with others about it.  Especially those closest to you – so that they know what’s happening.  You’d be surprised at how much it helps.

I have to admit that I also apologise a lot when I’m having a bad day.  I usually let the emotion out, and then say sorry afterwards.  I yell at my kids, and then apologise.  Heck, I do that when I’m not having a bad day HAHA!

Like I said above, this is what works for me, so it might not work for you.  So take it in and do with it what you will.  Each day is a new day.

If you ever need to chat, you guys know where I am.  I’m on the internet.  All the time …. feel free to message me any time on my Happy Mum Happy Child Facebook page.

Also check out My Depression Story on the background behind my crazy.

How do you deal with the rough days?


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