EZ Sox from The Dream Bag

EZ Socks Review by Happy Mum Happy Child

EZ Socks Review by Happy Mum Happy Child

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The Dream Bag

Every child needs to learn to do things for themselves, to become independent.  Which ultimately is a win win for the parent.  However, teaching them can be a real struggle.  Especially with things like socks.

The Dream Bag have these neat socks called EZ Sox, which have reinforced loops at the top of the sock, to help the child pull their socks up.

“Ez Sox are high quality, comfortable, fun learning socks for children made with seamless toe and non-skid grippers. Our patented Ez Sox loop technology helps your child put on their socks with ease. Reinforced loops give little fingers a strong grip for pulling up their socks.” – from The Dream Bag website

I received 4 pairs of socks, each with a cute animal print on it – my 3 year old INSTANTLY fell in love.  Just with the bloody design!

We instantly set about putting them on, and she was determined to do it herself.  The handles were great, as it showed her where she was meant to pull on the socks to get them up.

She still struggled though.  Her hands haven’t had years of experience of pulling on socks, and she couldn’t figure out how to get them on over her feet.  So I initially had to help with that part, and I let her pull them up herself.

She knew what she had to do, she just couldn’t get her hands to cooperate.  And we all know what it’s like – sometimes socks ARE hard to get on.

We continued practicing for at least 2 weeks, and then she finally started figuring out how to maneuver her hands to get the socks on her feet.  She still needs help, but we are getting there.

This video was taken yesterday (7th June 2015).  This is after a few months of practicing, so proud of her.


These socks are excellent for starting the “sock pulling-up training” (such a technical term).  You do need to have patience, and give it time.  Some children will figure it out straight away, and others won’t.  Each child is different when it comes to learning new things – not all children are the same.

I would definitely recommend these socks, as not only are they cute and adorable, they are extremely functional.  Multi-purpose socks FTW!

You can purchase your socks from The Dream Bag online.  The socks come in a multiple colours, designs and sizes.  Each size comes with a reference to shoe size as well, which is really useful if you’re not sure.

2 pairs of socks are $16.99, and lucky you – there is currently 30% off.  This deal is while stocks last, so be sure to get in quick.  So to score yourself a pair, visit their website now.

Also, please check out The Dream Bag New Zealand Facebook page.



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Oohh better get Tilly some of those! #BlogFair


I didn’t know you could get training socks! The design is so cute!

mummy do it

I hadn’t seen these before. They look great. Thanks for sharing with the #BlogFair Hope you can visit again this week.

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