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It's OKI was reminded this week, by a relative, how hard it is for Mums in today’s society.  She said that she doesn’t know how we do it with all the pressures of being a “perfect mother”.  This got me thinking, and she is right:-

Facebook is great for connecting with friends and family, and as a Mum, for staying in touch with the adult world.  However, by sharing our every-day activities, we are unknowingly setting a high bar for how mothers “should be”.

Heck, I’m guilty of seeing someone’s Facebook picture of their child playing with an amazing toy/activity and thinking “oh I must be such a boring parent”.

So I just wanted YOU to know that your child doesn’t need expensive toys.  Doesn’t need baking, or complicated activities.  Doesn’t need play groups.  All your child needs is you, and your love (and maybe a bit of food and water hehe).

If you see a picture of someone doing something “fun” with their child and you feel down about it – DON’T!  Chances are, that person also felt the same and felt pressure to do something.

You are a GREAT parent.


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