Friday Favourites: The One About The Decision

Friday Favourites: The One About The Decision

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Last night, during my live chat on Facebook, I was asked (very nicely!) about my decision to put my kids on the internet:

How do you feel about having the kids on social media? Obviously you know I’m the same as you but I know others are against in. Keen to hear your thoughts + opinion ????

Now this question was asked from a place of love, and intrigue, as I know the person is in a similar position to me with their kids on the internet.  So they are genuinely curious.

However, I have been private messaged a couple of times in the past by people accusing me of being the worst mother ever for putting my children on the internet.  For making a decision for my children without consulting them.

My husband and I talk in-depth about this all the time.  Because we realise we are making a decision on behalf of our children.  We know how serious it is.  We are not idiots.

We are technology savvy.  More so than a lot of people.  We are aware that what goes on the internet is technically there forever – even if we delete it from our end.  Anyone can save a photo to their computer – even a stranger.

As such, we made the decision that any photos put up on the internet should be ones that the kids would be happy with if they were older.  I try not to take photos of them when they’re screaming, or covered in shit, or naked.

Because my business is about keeping parents sane, and activities for children, it is hard to not include my children in this.

I’d like to think if they get to this stage of their life, they will understand this.

If for ANY reason as they’re growing up, they decide they don’t want any of their photos on the internet, then they will be deleted.  Or blurred out.

If for any reason they say no to having a photo put up, it won’t be.

But until that point, we will make the decisions.

Is that wrong? Maybe. However as the parents of our children, we are making this decision, and in my opinion, we are not naive to what that means.

I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who don’t agree with this.  Or don’t understand it.  And that’s ok.  You do what you think is best for your children, and I’ll do what I think is best for mine in our situation.

I welcome all thoughts on this, but please keep it civil ????


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