Daycare Tells Parents To Get Off Their Phone

This letter has been doing its rounds on the internet. Over 100,000 likes, and over two million shares.

A Daycare centre in America has put it’s foot down and said “GET OFF YOUR PHONE“:

I took a deep breath and let out a big sigh before I wrote this.

I have seen comments saying “YES! This is neglect and parent’s should know better”. OR “Don’t have kids if you can’t get off the phone for 5 minutes”.

I’ve also seen “Stop judging Mums” AND “It’s none of your business”.

Want to know what I think?! *even bigger sigh* …. FML honestly I just don’t care what someone else does when they pick their kids up. It’s none of my business!

In my personal opinion yes I do feel bad for the child who desperately wants to tell their parents something, and their parent is on the phone. Heck I’ve been in that situation too – but I would never take a phone call unless it was important.

But like I’ve said numerous times: we do not know the story behind that one moment. Is the person talking to a doctor? Or perhaps an urgent work call?

Does it happen EVERY SINGLE DAY that child is picked up? Who knows?! Maybe the parent works weird hours and 3pm is the only time they can take the call. You and I both don’t know that the child understands this, but just forgets in that moment when they’re picked up.

We don’t know that the parent doesn’t give that child all of their attention 99% of the time other than that moment.


Instead of issuing a blanket order like this, wouldn’t it be better to have a friendly conversation with people? Perhaps find out the reason they are on the phone?

Or perhaps, we should just stop judging that one moment in time when we actually have no idea the full story behind it.

Food for thought?


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