Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

I stumbled across this video on YouTube about the Weird Ways Parents Put The Baby To Sleep:

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.40.20 AM


It got me thinking about the weird things I used to do to get my babies to go to sleep.  More importantly, my first child.  Because with my second, I had learned what worked and what didn’t.  So here are the things that I did …

  • Rocked them to sleep on a lazy boy chair (and then got stuck on the chair because I couldn’t get up without waking the baby up)
  • Singing the Alphabet Song over, and over, and over, and over …
  • Recorded my voice singing the Alphabet Song, and played it on repeat so I didn’t have to be in the room
  • Shushed until my lips were numb
  • Lay on the floor in the bedroom, singing and shushing
  • Went on long drives during “nap time” just to make sure the baby slept
  • I made a “speed bump” in the lounge, so that when I pushed the pram over it, it would “bump” and simulate a car ride / walk
  • Went on LONG walks during nap time (I was at my fittest then haha)

I felt like a good part of my child’s first year was spent agonising over the fact she didn’t sleep.

My second child,  has now got a Cloud B Sleep Sheep, which I put on as he goes to bed.  I do this every single night and he loves it.  I got mine from August Boutique.

I also know that the Lulla Doll and the Baby Shusher are AMAZING products.  You can buy these two from the Sleepytot New Zealand website.

What are the weird things you’ve done to try and get your baby to go to sleep?  Let me know!


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