Glow Dreaming Review

Before I launch into my review, I just need to give a little background information as to why I got sent the Glow Dreaming unit.

My 6 year old had a lot of trouble winding down at the end of the day. She’d had this issue for maybe 6-8 months. I’d put her to bed at 8pm, and by 9pm she’s still coming out and making excuses as to why she wasn’t asleep.

I KNEW this was affecting her the next day and honestly had no idea what to do.

This was when Fiona from Sleepytot sent me a Glow Dreaming to use.


The Glow Dreaming is the world’s most ultimate sleep aide. It sits next to your child’s bed and has the following features:

Light Therapy – The red LED light used by Glow Dreaming combats the damage caused to our sleeping patterns by technology, helping reset our internal clocks. Red spectrum light has been scientifically proven to help tell our bodies it’s time for sleep – it stimulates melatonin production (which is the natural sleep hormone). It is the same technology used by NASA for their astronauts.

Slow Wave Sleep Sound Therapy – Utilises what’s called Pink Noise. This is commonly found in nature, in things like waterfalls, rain and thunder. This frequency was recreated but in a unique rhythm and timing so that it helps cause drowsiness and gets us to fall into a state of sleep. This is the sleep you go into when you go past dreaming. It is the most restful and best type of sleep.

Humidifier – The humidifier makes breathing easier, improves comfort and has been proven to reduce the risk of cold and flu’s. It is ideal for children who snore, have asthma or get sick often.

Twinkle Star – Using only medicinal grade organic essential oils Twinkle Star relaxes and calms even the most active child helping their bodies and minds get ready for sleep.

It also has safety features: with cool-mist technology, Glow Dreaming produces a cool touch mist with the entire unit being always safe to touch. It also has an auto switch off function – so you don’t have to worry about it being on all day.

It is suitable for babies (8 weeks +) all the way up to fully fledged adults.


At first the whole thing seemed complicated and I was a little nervous I wouldn’t understand how it worked; but it is actually very straight forward.

The Glow Dreaming went straight into my daughter’s bedroom and next to her bed. They say to have it less than 1 meter away, just so that when using the humidifier it actually has an affect.

I explained what I was doing, with Chloe, so that she understood it was to help her get to sleep.

That night we continued our nightly routine as usual – toilet, brush teeth, read a book and then bed. Except this time I added in the Glow Dreaming.

I switched on the sound therapy, light therapy and the aromatherapy part of the unit – I wanted to relax all of her senses.

Amazingly she fell asleep within the first 10-15 minutes.

I thought this was a fluke, so just kept using it and it’s now been almost a week and she has fallen asleep within 10-20 minutes each night. NOT TAKING AN HOUR LIKE IT USED TO!


All good things take time – I know my child responded straight away to it, but the Glow Dreaming team say that on average it takes 6-10 nights to see significant changes in sleep behaviour. On the first few nights you may see a regression as your child adapts to the new exciting addition to their space.

The Glow Dreaming comes with instructions that were kind of helpful but I still had trouble (HA!). So Sleepytot also sent me this Glow Dreaming Tips file.


You can get your Glow Dreaming from Sleepytot New Zealand. It’s not cheap, but they have Part Pay (which is a layby type system). This allows you to have the product, whilst paying it off over 6 weeks.

I want to thank Fiona from Sleepytot for sending me the Glow Dreaming for Chloe. It really has helped her to get to sleep better and I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling.

Glow Dreaming Review

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