Going it Alone

Going it Alone 02So while my kids are asleep this afternoon, I’m writing this blog: about going it alone.

My husband leaves tomorrow for almost 2 weeks overseas.  He gets back on Christmas Eve.

When I found out, I was actually ok with the being away part, but it was the time of the year that stressed me out.  IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!  And because he is going to SOUTH AMERICA, there is a HUGE chance he will miss Christmas Day 🙁

My husband goes away often, so I am more used to it now than I was when my daughter was born (he went away when she was 8 weeks old for THREE WEEKS).  That was one of the toughest times of my life.

Now when he goes away, I kind of look forward to having complete and utter control of the house.

There’s no empty coke glasses left lying around.  No dirty clothes left by the bed, instead of in the washing machine.  No messy bench once has finished cooking / preparing a meal.

I get the house ALL CLEAN and then it stays that way for the duration of his time away (well roughly, the kids do add their own mess to it haha).

I also put in place a really strict routine for their bedtimes.  When my husband is here, it’s very relaxed, but when I’m doing it alone everyone goes to bed at the same time each night WITHOUT FAIL.

I also rely heavily on my parents and my husband’s parents.  Thankfully they both work from home, and are AMAZING at looking after the kids and helping out where needed.

I will miss my friend very much.  He is my partner in crime.  I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him.

I also start having to explain to my kids where Daddy is, and why he’s not coming home.  Last time he went away, each morning my daughter would ask “Is Daddy coming home today?” … hearing those words, and replying, is always hard.

Many of you have experienced this, and many of you are solo parents – do you have any tried and true methods which work when going it alone?




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