How To Build A Blanket Fort

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How To Build A Blanket Fort

Picture this, you’re stuck at home in the middle of winter. It’s raining outside and you realise you’ve still got 12 hours before they go to bed. You know what time it is? No … not time for a wine.


There is an art to building a blanket fort, and it’s one that takes a little getting used to: you have to mess your lounge up. Breathe. It’ll be ok, because it’s so worth it.

I remember building these types of forts / huts as a kid, with my brothers and sister, and we had the best fun. Sometimes we would play games, and other times we would watch movies. It doesn’t matter what your kids do, as long as they have fun!

I watch my own kids inside the forts we make, and the way they use their imagination is amazing. They bring toys in and play games together. They snack, and eat … they have a lot of fun.


  • a few set of blankets or sheets
  • some chairs
  • string
  • heavy books and/or pegs
  • cushions / pillows
  • fairy lights (if you have them)
  • snacks
  • and most importantly, an imagination


  1. DESIGN SPACE: You need to ensure you have enough space in the area you’re using, to set your fort up. So if necessary clean up the area, or push things aside, to make room.
  2. THE WALLS: Figure out what you’re going to use to make the “walls” of the fort. Is it going to be chairs, and then covered with blankets? Or perhaps use the string to string up the blanket? Once you’ve decided what you’re using, set up the frame.
  3. LAY OUT THE BLANKETS: lay the blankets over the fort walls (string or chairs) and using a blanket or some pegs, ensure the blankets are secure.
  4. SEATING: put some soft cushions, pillows, towels and large blankets inside the fort so that it is cosy and warm and FUN
  5. LIGHTING: string up the fairy lights, if you have them. Then shut the curtains, turn off the main room light and let your kids imagination run while!
  6. ENTERTAINMENT: don’t forget to include toys and books so that your kids can muck around in there for a while
  7. SNACKS: This is not only a key part of the fort making business, but also key for you if you want to have a break. Ensure your kids have some great snacks – see below for a neat Edmond’s Cake-In-A-Cup recipe … perfect for inside the fort!

Here’s a professional Blanket Fort:

Here’s my Blanket Fort:



  • Edmond’s Cake In A Cup is PERFECT for a treat inside the fort (or any other time really hehe) and is super quick and easy to make.
  • Simply empty the contents of a packet into a cup, add milk; stir and microwave for one minute. Voila! You even get that delicious freshly-baked smell.
  • You can even get the kids to help make this (if you’re brave enough HAHA)


I have an Edmond’s Pack, including the new Cake in a Cup Vanilla Choc Chip flavour, to giveaway. PLUS a $50 Prezzy Card to get everything you need (and then some) to enjoy a nice snack inside your fort!


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