I Know It’s Hard Now; But It Does Get Better

Parenting is bloody hard; especially at the beginning; especially as a new parent. It does get better though. I promise.

I struggled so much when I became a parent. Although I wanted desperately to be a parent, when I became one I felt incredibly lost. I felt like I’d lost myself and I had no idea what I was doing.

Nothing prepared me for parenthood.

I remember so vividly sitting in the back seat of the car, an hour after giving birth, and thinking “I can’t believe I’m a parent now“.

It was a very surreal moment, and the beginning of a really rough time for me.

Adjusting to being a parent was rough. 

The enormity of what lay ahead of me overwhelmed me daily.

“I am responsible for this small thing FOREVER”. This thought consumed me.

It felt like I struggled with everything – sleeping, changing nappies, trying to cook dinner, getting used to my new body; getting used to how things will never ever be the same.


I struggled so much, that when my eldest was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression.

Medication helped me take a step back and breathe.

Parenting was still hard though.

My baby was a happy spiller, so I felt like I couldn’t go out anywhere.

Sleep was a MUST for my kids, so once I finally managed to get my baby into a routine, I stuck to that. I never went out because sleep was important. I mean I’d go for a car ride to get the baby to sleep, or go for a walk – but I wouldn’t make any specific appointments or catch-ups.

I just found everything difficult.

Then we had another baby. Clearly the struggle wasn’t so bad to have another one, but I always wanted to have more than one child so I just got through it.


Now that my kids are 4 and 6, I can clearly say YES it was hard; but it does get better.

My kids sleep through the night (mostly).

They can go to the toilet by themselves.

The don’t need a nappy anymore.

They are absolutely wonderful human beings with crazy senses of humour.

They make me happy and I cannot imagine my life without them.

The struggle was real, but the struggle was worth it.

Everything in parenthood changes – nothing stays the same. As they move from one phase to the next, it doesn’t necessarily get easier; but it does get better.

They grow older; they start understanding more.

They go to Kindergarten and then school and suddenly you can see the light.

You can take a breath and you’ll realise that you’re still there inside that Mum shell. But actually you’re more defined now. You’ve struggled, you’ve experienced and you’ve grown.

Life may bring other struggles – like working from home (ie business or as a mum), or away from home.

You’ll still worry about every single thing they do. Your kids will fight – between each other AND with you.

You will still struggle – but just know that it does get better.


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