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Paul & Stella Logo 02Paul & Stella’s revolutionary Self Heating bottle is here!

With just one simple click of a button, the self-heating bottle warms to the right temperature in just a matter of minutes! Perfect for your baby who may be formula fed, or if you are expressing breast milk.

The heating module works, with similar technology to self warming heating pads – by pressing the button, it sets a reaction in the module, causing the liquid around it, and in the bottle to warm up. You can use it over and over again, by either boiling in a pot, or placing in your bottle sterilizer

There are several different things you can buy in the Paul & Stella range, but here are the main products you can purchase:

–  210ml Self Heating Bottle with Silicone wide-neck, anti colic teat, orthodontic shape teat
–  Heating Module
–  Milk Powder Scoop
–  Insulated Bottle Bag

There is also a complete baby warmer package that you can purchase which contains all of the above. Or alternatively, you can purchase the products separately, as needed.

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You can buy your Paul & Stella Self Heating Bottle direct from August Boutique, or in store at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The following links are to August Boutique’s social media sites, as August Boutique is the New Zealand distributor for the Paul & Stella Range.

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If I had known this product was around when I had babies, I would have gladly bought it to help with those night feeds.  When you’re a zombie the last thing you need to worry about is how hot the water is!

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