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Sip Snap Logo 01Created by two Mothers, SipSnaps are the original one-size-fits-all cup lid.  They will turn any sized glass or cup into spill-proof cup for kids, anywhere, anytime.   Sativa and Michelle worked on the design for over a year, and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2014.

LA Distribution is the New Zealand distributor for the SipSnap product, and Duck Twaddle & Co are the stockists.

Check out the video below which explains how exactly the Snip Snaps work.

SipSnaps can be stretched over any cup size, making them the perfect alternative to sippy cups, bottles and training cups. They are also ideal for adults who want to avoid spilling their own drinks over their keyboard or desk. Dishwasher safe, foldable and stackable, SipSnaps are the perfect size for parents to keep in their handbag, purse or nappy bag to use on their child’s cup when eating out in restaurants and cafes.

Sip Snap Image by Happy Mum Happy Child

SipSnaps are available in two sizes; SipSnap TOT, a spill proof cup lid which has a chew-resistant spout for toddlers and SipSnap KID, a splash proof cup lid which can fit any sized straw suitable for older children. Made with and food approved silicone and free of BPA, Phthalate and latex, SipSnaps work by snugly fitting over the top of any cup or glass, forming a snug seal which minimises spillage and leaks.



You can purchase your SipSnap direct from Duck Twaddle & Co from the 1st September 2015. They come in a box of 3 with a carry case and cost $39.99.

If you are interested in stocking this product, please contact LA Distribution.

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I cannot wait to try this product out!  What a bloody brilliant idea!

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