It’s as simple as a cup of tea …

Cups of TeaSometimes, thinking of something to do with your child is difficult.  It really doesn’t have to be.

We have a very basic plastic tea set (bought from K Mart), and it gets used ALL the time.  We use it to have “cups of tea”, and, surprisingly, for playing with the Coloured Rice.  We let our daughter put water in the tea pot and pour it all out.  It does get a little messy, but it’s only water.  I usually put a towel down though, just to contain it a bit.

If you don’t have a tea set, don’t stress – you can use household items instead.  Such as:

  • your own cups / mugs
  • shot glasses
  • egg cups
  • glasses
  • measuring cups (for pouring)
  • medicine cup (for pouring)
  • old dishwashing liquid bottle (washed out, of course!)

For something a bit more exciting, try adding a drop of food colouring to the water too.


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