Just Go To The Doctor


Go To The Doctor

I once went to the doctor 3 times in 1 week because I just didn’t know what was happening with my baby.

I actually apologised to the doctor saying “I’m sorry I keep coming in”, and you know what he said?  He said “Don’t ever apologise.  If you’re unsure, you should be here.  Otherwise how would you ever know”.

This was ridiculously encouraging.

I’ve always felt like, if I’m not sure, I should either ring Healthline (0800 611 116), or go to my Doctor.

And you should feel this way too.  Sure you can Google it, but if you are still unsure then just go to the doctor or talk to a health professional.

Seriously – it’s free.  And you’re not an inconvenience.

NOW, CHILL GUYS …  I do realise some people have transport issues, or live far away from a doctor, but the health of your baby / child is the most important.  And if you are unsure, then seek professional help.  Even if it’s a phone call to Healthline (0800 611 116),

Some of the suggestions / comments I see on Facebook are ridiculous.  What could be a heat rash, is suggested as Chicken Pox.  Or flea bites.  Suddenly instead of 1 thing, it is 10 different things that could be wrong with your child .. this is just making the mother (YOU) even more worried.

Sure, ask the question, but still make a doctor’s appointment or make the phone call if you need to. And take everything you read with a grain of salt.   Don’t rely on other people’s judgement / opinions / experiences – no one person is the same.

If your child is diagnosed with one thing, and it changes, or gets worse, then PLEASE go back to the doctor.  Just because one diagnosis is issued, doesn’t mean it can’t change / evolve / get worse.

Also, guys, Doctors DO get it wrong.  And as a Mum you need to trust your own instincts.  If you’re not happy, then please seek a second opinion.  And if that doesn’t work – a third opinion.

Just remember: Online (or offline) Mums are not doctors (unless they actually are .. you know what I mean).  They have experienced things LIMITED to their own children.

Healthline’s phone number is 0800 611 116 … when in doubt, just call it.  It’s free.

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