Keeping Memories Close

Emma & Roe Slider 05One of the things I learned whilst working in a jewellery shop, was that although it isn’t necessary to be a huge jewellery collector, it is important to have a few pieces to make us feel special.

One of the most amazing pieces of jewellery I own, is a modern-day charm bracelet.  My husband and my children have added to this over the years and it is quite special to me.  It holds a lot of memories, and I can tell you what each charm means to me personally.

Your bracelet is the one piece of jewellery that always symbolises the path you’ve travelled to get here and where you want to go next.

Michael Hill’s Emma & Roe collection of Charms and Bracelets is truly the way to go this Christmas.

There are FOUR simple steps to creating your first charm bracelet:

1. Choose a bracelet
2. Pick a charm (or multiple charms LOLOL)
3. Add a safety chain (trust me when I say it is a MUST)
4. Have fun designing it!

The range of charms is also phenomenal – Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Stone Set, Animals, Coloured Murano Glass, Crystals, DIAMONDS!  The list goes on – you can check out the entire range here.

Two of my most FAVOURITE charms in the Michael Hill Emma & Roe collection are the Snowflake charm and the Eternal Life (or Tree of Life) charm:

[wds id=”17″]


You can make the bracelet all about you, all about your life, or all about your family.  It’s completely customisable, and is honestly a brilliant way to mark milestones in your life.

The Michael Hill website also has a wish list function – so you can browse through the charms, add the ones you like to your wish list, and then let your partner / friends / family know what’s on your wish list and VOILA!  Easy present!

Would you like something like this for Christmas?  Visit Michael Hill’s website and pick out your favourite charm – let me know what it is below and maybe you’ll get it for Christmas 😉

Also, if you would like your own charm bracelet (specifically the one pictured above), make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page as I will be giving it away 🙂


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