Keeping Your Precious Memories Safe

Instax Review 002I’ve got two kids already and I have printed ZERO photos … absolutely shocking!

I know print media is becoming less and less common, but that’s actually ridiculous on my part. What if something happened to my camera?! What about my kids – I want them to actually see a photo printed in their lifetime (it’s not as funny as it sounds), and know how much fun having printed photos can be.

As the promise of summer holidays beckon, recent research by FUJIFILM NZ show that kiwis are regularly losing their family snaps with the following findings;

  • 1 out of 3 kiwis have lost their smart phone at some stage.
  • 49% of Kiwis didn’t know they could print their photos from their phone
  • 87% of all images (that’s 2 billion per year within New Zealand alone) are captured on phone, that’s one person, per day!

To avoid being one of those 1 in 3 statistics who have lost their phone (and potentially their pics) FUJIFILM NZ have created these five top tips to help you capture your special memories and know that they’ll still be there in five years time!

  1. Save your photos in more than one place, in the cloud, on a hard drive and of course the printed copy to be really safe!
  2. Don’t wait until it’s too late – the easiest way to manage your photos is on a regular basis, e.g.printing your favourites once a month – at the same time make sure of the back-up and sort them into your favourite folders. (Pop a calendar note in your outlook to remind you each month).
  3. Keep your software up to date – use the latest versions of apps, update your antivirus.
  4. Don’t rely just on back-up’s, does anyone remember VHS Tapes or CD’s and how difficult it is these days to actually view these?
  5. Printed photo albums are “offline” – there’s no way any hacker can get to them!

There’s nothing better than sharing physical photos and memories with your family and friends, think back to when you were a child and looked through old photo albums with mum and dad. With our current technology, we could face a generation of families not having anything tangible to look upon. So, FUJIFILM NZ suggests utilising the creative options to capture and preserve your special memories.

“ There’s so many different ways you can display a photo now, the different sizes and options available and the creativity that exists with photo printing, best of all you can choose what photos you want to print now, it’s quick, easy and really convenient be it in store, on-line or on the go with your mobile app”; says Peter Bonisch – Sales and Marketing Manager FUJIFILM NZ.

So you could start protecting your memories by purchasing an Instax Camera, which prints as you go.   I actually had the opportunity to review one.  You can check it out here!

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