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I was scared and nervous to post my Constance Hall book review (of Like A Queen). Mainly because so many people are fiercly protective of her – and so they should be. She is doing wonderful things for women and mothers!

However, because I got asked ALL THE TIME on Snapchat (happymumnz) whether or not I enjoyed it, I thought I’d finally write it down for all to see.

After I published it online and posted the link to Facebook, I got a shit tonne of responses: most agreed with me, which actually took me by surprise; that was not something I expected at all.

Some disagreed with me, which I completely and utterly respect – as you all know, I am a big believer (and preacher) in the fact that we all have different opinions. It doesn’t make us right or wrong; it just makes us have an opinion.

Some, however, were just rude. Those who just assumed I was having a go at Constance. Or that I was being a bully. Some even said “how can you review a book that you didn’t even finish” – well that in itself really does speak volumes about a book right?

Those comments were just plain frustrating, and if I’m honest, were completely unfair. It’s one thing to disagree with me, but another to call me a bully: which is a huge accusation, and one that was completely inaccurate.

If you’d read my review properly, you would have seen it was simply a book review that had nothing to do with Constance’s character or her parenting. It was simply about her book.

Someone even wrote “I lost respect for you because you posted this review – because you posted it it gives the bullies a chance to attack Constance”.


Just because I don’t connect with her book doesn’t mean I don’t connect with her as a person.

This whole experience can be a lesson for so many people: you don’t have to like one aspect of someones life. It doesn’t make you a dick.

It doesn’t make you a bully. It just makes you human.

What you do, however, with your emotions and feelings do define you. If you choose to slag someone off, then that speaks volumes about you.

We all could do with learning a thing or two (including me) … a judgement of one aspect of someone’s life, doesn’t mean you judge their whole life.

Let’s stop thinking just because you don’t like me for the way I write things that you hate me as a person.

It is actually possible to disagree with someone without hating on them.


At my core, I am a sensitive soul. Words do hurt my feelings sometimes – especially when they’re aimed at something that isn’t the truth. So it is extremely important for me to never intentionally bring down another person. That’s just not who I am. I don’t need to do that.

I want to thank every single person who commented on that review post and didn’t stoop to a nasty level – thank you for using your words in a kind way. I respect you for loving her book, and I respect you for disliking it.

This world would be a boring place if we all thought and felt the same thing!

Did you read my review on Like A Queen? What did you think?


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