Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident


Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident


Wearing the right lingerie not only does wonders for our body, but also our self image.  For me personally, I feel so much more confident in myself and my body not only when my bra looks amazing, but also when it actually fits me properly.

After having two children, my body is not what I remember it.  Everything has gone south.  So much so, that I’ve just gotten used to wearing maternity bras with no wiring underneath.  Force of habit I guess.

My last official bra fitting was when I was 16.  That’s almost 20 years ago.  I was probably a size 12 back then …. and after the fitting today, I can tell you I am no where near that anymore.

In order to get the right bra, it really is imperative that you be fitted properly for it – and the staff at Farmers are well trained in this.


I went to Farmers in Manukau, and Razia was the lucky woman who got to do my fitting.  She has been fitting bras on women, for Farmers, for over 20 years now, so has a lot of experience.  She said that the majority of women who come in are embarrassed about it – but they shouldn’t be!

Razia said that often women, because they’re embarrassed about being fitted, will just guess their size and end up with a bra that doesn’t fit them and can actually cause issues for them later on down the track.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size (I WAS!)
  • Wearing the wrong szie bra can cause back pain, hurt your shoulders, make your boobs buldge in the wrong places, and give you headaches.
  • You do not need to remove your clothes to have your bra fitted – they can measure over the top
  • Farmers have special measuring tapes with bra sizes on it
  • EVERY bra is different (as I found out), so you may be one size for one bra, and another for a different one.
  • Fittings are FREE, and do NOT require a booking

Farmers Lingerie 01


My only prerequisite when trying on the bras, was that they had to work for my lifestyle – which was as a Mum.  So I tried on 3 different types of bras, and needed a different size each time, as each one fitted differently.

Berlei Barely There Contour in Black

Lingerie 01

Caprice Lily in Ivory

Lingerie 02

Fayreform Stella Fay in Blackberry & Sand

Lingerie 03a

In the end, I chose the Berlei Barely There, which is the most comfortable I’ve ever had.  Perfect for under tee-shirts..  And a lovely lace Caprice Lilly for days when I need a wee “confidence boost”.  You can buy both of these, and so many more, online at Farmers or in-store.


I buy Lingerie for myself, to feel good and look good.  I took the above photos of myself and was scared – in fact petrified of doing it.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that – but I felt so good in my bra, I didn’t care!

Going and getting properly fitted for a bra, in my personal opinion, is a must.  As I said above, I hadn’t gotten measured in YEARS.  I was a size 12 back then, and am now a size 18 – the bra I wore into the shop was actually a size too small!

As a Mother, a Wife, and a Woman, I truly believe being properly fitted for lingerie is one of the keys to learning to love yourself.  To accept your body, and be confident in yourself.

It’s BRAVO this week at Farmers.  BRAVO celebrates the importance and the feeling of a well-fitting bra.  

The Bravo celebrations means there are a heap of lingerie specials on.  So head in store or check it out online!


>> WIN <<

Be in to WIN a $1000 Farmers Gift Card. Simply get fitted in-store by one of Farmers trained consultants, make a lingerie purchase and swipe your Farmers Club Card between May 23 – 29 and you’ll automatically go in the draw.

For more information, please visit Farmers online.

Thank you to Farmers for making this post possible.



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