How To Make A Lego Fidget Spinner

I have never been the biggest fan of “role playing” games with my kids – mainly because I feel so useless at them. Lego and Duplo are one of the few I really do love, because I can just do whatever I want while the kids muck around.

So I decided to make a Fidget Spinner out of Lego. I’d seen something on the internet floating around but it looked far too hard for me, so here’s my super simple, you-only-need-10-pieces, set of instructions on how to make a Lego Fidget Spinner.

Basically you want a round disc in the middle, with pieces on either side stopping it from coming off (when you spin). That’s all I wanted.

These are the pieces you need:

The trickiest part is the Lego pieces on either side of the large white disc. These pieces DO NOT attach to the disc – they’re there to keep the disc in place when it spins – which is why two of them have smooth surfaces.

Here’s the video:


The Outcome:


Make Your Own Lego Fidget Spinner



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