Mess Free Finger Painting

Mess Free Finger Painting by Happy Mum Happy Child

Mess Free Finger PaintingPretty self explanatory on this one … I made two snap-lock bags, each identical.  Because heaven forbid they don’t have the same!

Paint – any kind will do.  I just happened to have recently made some of my own – you can find the recipe here: THE BEST HOME MADE PAINT.

Put paint into the snap-lock bag, and seal.  Try to get as much of the air out as possible.  Cellotape to the window.

VOILA!  Instant activity!

Use separate bags for different colour combinations.  E.G. blue and yellow for green, or red and blue for purple.

Make sure you put cellotape over the opening of the snap-lock bag.  Even though it’s sealed, your kid will push hard on the bag and you don’t want any coming out.


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