Mum In Lockdown Gets Note From Neighbours Telling Her To Keep Her Kid Quiet

Lauren McCabe, a 26 year old single Mum with a low immune system, received a note from her neighbours complaining they could hear her son running around.

Lauren McCabe has asthma and a low immune system after catching shingles and has been in quarantine with her two-year-old son, Leo. She and her son live in the upper unit of an apartment.

Lauren received a note that was pushed through her front door from her neighbours in the lower unit urging her to “reduce the running around.” This referred to her two-year-old son who was playing in the morning.

“Can we please ask that you try and reduce the running around as this is really loud. Especially early in the mornings where it wakes us up most days. Thanks in advance,” the note said.

I guess that’s just one of the things that happens when you live in an apartment … you run the risk of hearing others early in the morning.

I feel for this Mum though – being a solo mum is hard enough, then having to deal with neighbours who write notes like this – added stress during this time isn’t necessary.

My advice to the neighbours is get some ear plugs and deal with it.

What do you think?


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