I Hate Mummy Bloggers!


I Hate Mummy Bloggers!

You’d be surprised at how many times I hear these words. I never get offended, but I thought I’d respond to a few statements / questions I’ve seen floating around online …


SAY WHAT?! You hate all bloggers who are Mum’s? Well that’s quite a considerable statement to make, don’t you think?

“They’re all the bloody same – talk about the same stuff and waffle on about their boring lives”
Well gees when you put it that way, everyone’s the same. Everyone’s waffling on about something … Lifestyle, DIY, woodwork: they’re all bloggers and all waffle on about something. It just so happens what myself, and others, are waffling on about is parenting shit.

“Mummy bloggers think they know everything though – they think that it’s either their way or the highway”
Well that kind of is the idea when you run a blog – you share your own thoughts and way of living with others. If you don’t like a particular blogger, then you just don’t follow them. There are a lot of bloggers out there (like myself) who LOVE opinions. And whilst I might share mine, I am also open to listening to others.

“They should just focus on parenting and get off the internet”
I have a secret for you – a big part of parenting is feeling incredibly alone. A lot of parents start blogs because they are lonely and need a connection. I think you’ll find that them having a blog doesn’t affect their ability to parent.

“Well I could tell you about a few bloggers who live questionable lives”
Are you sure their entire life is questionable? Do you have a camera in their house? Pretty sure you just see one aspect of them … which is the one they choose to show you.

“Ok well seriously, when do bloggers find time to write these huge rants? Shouldn’t they be parenting?”
Contrary to popular belief, there are times when you don’t require to be actually parenting. Some kids nap, some kids look after themselves … also a lot of bloggers (like myself) are fast typists. I can spit out a blog in five minutes if I’m feeling really inspired.

“Don’t you think you should think twice about putting your life all over the internet – what about your children?”
Well golly that’s their life, not yours. You do with yours what you want, and worry about yourself. Stop worrying about other people. Most parents, especially bloggers, have given careful consideration as to whether or not their children appear online. Also, a huge part of being a parenting blogger, is sharing some aspect of their life; so they can connect with other people.

“Back in the day Mummy Bloggers didn’t exist and we were fine then. We really don’t need Mummy Bloggers” 
That’s cool. This is now, not then. Also .. “we”? I think you mean “me”, because I know a lot of Mums (myself included) love bloggers who are parents.

“I just hate it that Mummy Bloggers are always complaining about something. Get off the internet and enjoy your life”
Being a blogger, and a parent, means you have the opportunity to share whatever you want. Inevitably it’s the negative because that’s how it feels it is a lot of the time. We want people to know “look my kid just took all of the flour out of the pantry and threw it around the house” because a) we want others to feel less alone and b) because WE want to feel less alone.

Re: get off the internet and enjoy your life: the internet is a big part of our lives. You don’t have to like this, but it is reality for a lot of parents (regardless if they have a blog or not).

“Stop talking about your kids! Mummy bloggers are so annoying – no one wants to hear about your kids”
Actually yes people do want to hear about their kids, just not you. Move on then.


I don’t hate Mummy bloggers, mainly because I’m one. I also don’t tar everyone with the same brush and realise that we all live different lives. Those who I don’t identify with, I just don’t follow; plain and simple.

What about DIY bloggers? Or Lifestyle bloggers? Do you also hate Food bloggers? So much hate out there towards Mummy bloggers!

What do you think of Mummy Bloggers?



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