My Children


I always seem to write about the shitty days I have .. well this time I’m going to write positively.

My kids are amazing.  As are yours – we love our children.  We just bitch about the bad stuff.  That’s life really.

Both of my kids are relatively well behaved – they listen to what I say.  Especially if I give them an ultimatum.

Photo 10-02-16, 12 30 42 PM copyMy girl is just absolutely amazing – she’s the eldest.  Paving the way.  Doing things no one else has done before.  She goes to Kindy so well, and is usually very happy about it.   Trust me when I say it’s not the easiest being the eldest.

She’s probably like me, constantly wants people to like her haha.  She’s apprehensive, but tries anyway (with anything).

She’s a Daddy’s girl.  She loves her brother (deep down haha).

My boy, is majorly adventurous and not afraid of anything.  He will go anywhere his sister has gone, and more. He just wants to be like his sister – determined even.

Although not afraid of anything, he has a very sensitive side.  Not your typical “rough and tumble” boy.

He loves hugs and cuddles (OMG SO DO I!).  He’s cheeky but listens when I have to be stern.

He is Mummy’s little darling

I love my children.  And I love my life as a stay-at-home-mum.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  But I have bad days … some are really bad.  And often I talk about those.

But 70% of the time they are AMAZING.  We laugh a lot.  Run around, giggling.  My children say the darndest things and oh gosh they make me laugh.

Overall, my kids have good times and bad times.  Their emotions rule the roost.  Regardless of the scenario – if their emotions are heightened, then they’ll act on it.  They’re kids after all..

What do you love about your kids?


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