My Christmas Wish List

Ok guys, a lot of people are putting out wish lists of what YOU can buy for Christmas.  Well I’m doing something different.  It’s purely selfish, and I have a caring factor of zero …

My husband and I aren’t giving each other Christmas presents this year, as we just don’t have enough money.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a wish list!!!

If I’m completely honest, I STRUGGLED big time to think of number 4 and 5.  Honestly I don’t usually want much in life, other than a happy and safe family.

So here it is – my Christmas wish list!  And please remember … DREAMS ARE FREE …..


1.  Fujifilm Instax Mini90 
InstaxI’ve been wanting these since they were released – take a photo, print it out.  BAM!  Just like that.  Old school polaroid style, and the cameras look AMAZING.  With everything being so digital, I still want my kids to know about printed photos, and this solves all of my problems (mainly because I’m lazy and this pretty much means instant photos hahaha)

PS There is a cheaper version of this, the Instax Mini8, but clearly I have expensive taste 😛

PPS there is a Hello Kitty Instax Camera too – ERMAHGERRDDDDDD



2.  iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 PlusI am an Apple fan through-and-through.  I’m also a sucker for new technology, and I have big hands.  So it kind of makes sense to get a larger / better device more suited to my needs HAHAHA ….

As you guys know, I’m on the internet A LOT!

It’s how I roll!



3.  New Lounge Suite
Lounge SuitePretty much everything in our house is second hand (apart from our washing machine / oven – which both recently broke so we had to replace them).  The couches are no exception.  The fabric is all torn, and the couches themselves need a sprucing up.  Re-appholstering would cost the same as a new couch, so I often dream of lounge suites hahaha



4. A Weekend Away
Weekend GetawayCan’t link to anything for this but I would love for my husband and I just to get away.  Alone.  By ourselves.  I would miss my kids like crazy, but parenting has certainly had it’s downs.  Of course it’s had it’s ups – but the downs have definitely been there as well.Like I said above – DREAMS ARE FREE!!!



5. A KitchenAid
KitchenAidLike I said above, I started struggling when I got to number 4.  So I had to GOOGLE “things women want” and a KitchenAid popped up.

Duh, of course I want one of these!  We don’t have a lot of bench space, but if my husband bought me one, I’d make room HAHAHA!



So there you have it, there’s my wish list for Christmas!  Tell me – what’s on your wish list?


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