Girl’s First Day At School Is My Entire Life

Girl’s First Day At School Is My Entire Life



I recently saw this post on Facebook about this little girl’s first day at school. Her Mum took a before school photo, and then an after school photo, and the end result is pretty much my entire life:


Kelly O’Brien’s Photo


I know a lot of you are not morning people, but I most definitely am. I wake up each morning raring to go – most mornings I can’t wait to start the day and smash out this whole parenting thing.

I make the lunches. I wash the dishes. I put the laundry on. I make a cuppa. I settle down.

Then the kids come out and it’s pretty much all down hill from there … HAHA! That’s definitely not a negative towards my kids, that’s just my life.

All plans that I have for the day, usually change in one way or another:

I plan on hanging out the washing that I had put on earlier in the morning, but that doesn’t happen until after lunch. Which means by the end of the day it’s still damp, so requires either another day outside, or comes inside for our house to look like a laundromat.

The lunches that I made first thing in the morning SOMETIMES get eaten. When they don’t, the leftovers are offered as a snack (if they are decent enough leftovers, not just scraps) – which inevitably ends in a fight with my kids as they want something else. Mum always wins – but the fight is draining!

The dishes that I did in the morning, are the first of many; and usually end up piling up on the bench until I need to use one that is ALWAYS right at the bottom of the pile.

Then there’s dinner. Don’t even get me started on dinner. What should take 40 minutes takes 2 hours because every five seconds my kids need something. The more I ignore them, the louder they get, until eventually I lose my rag and the TV ends up getting put on just so I can boil a potato without burning the house down.

7pm then rolls around and I’m buggered, and look very similar to the wee girl in the picture above: buggered.

I go to bed craving sleep, and wake up raring to go and again the cycle starts again …..



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