My Lunch Box Creations

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My Lunch Box Creations

I am a stay at home Mother of 2 children: a boy and a girl. I make lunches for my kids every single day, and if they don’t go to school (which one of mine doesn’t) then I still make him something so he has snacks during the day. We are pretty simple parents, and don’t go to extremes to make lunch boxes look amazing, so I thought I’d share with you what goes in each lunch box that I’ve done.

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The green Raine Beau lunch box is from Phunky Bento. The stainless steel Planetbox Rover is from Biome (this is an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission if you buy anything). The Yumbox’s are from The Lunchbox Queen. And any Sistema lunch boxes are from Countdown.

I do my best to provide my kids with a balanced lunch box, but I definitely can’t say I’m perfect. Some days I high five myself for it being really healthy, and other days I take a deep breath and hope no one criticises me. Take inspiration from this, or think “that’s not what I want to do at all” … it’s totally up to you!

Here are the lunches I give my kids:


Please remember that I am a Mother – not a health professional. I try to provide my children with a balanced diet. Some days I hit the mark, and other days I don’t.


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