10 Reasons Why Naps Are Life


Here are 10 reasons why naps are life – the parent edition! Because us parents do need naps too!

This is a scientific post, made with real scientific facts and numbers and statistics. All of these facts are true because I said so. Here’s why naps are life:


1. Quiet time away from your kids


2. It extends your life (like a glass of wine each day)


3. You can check your Facebook in peace while your husband or partner looks after the children


4. You can eat in bed, f’k the crumbs


5. Channing Tatum dreams


6. You can stay up later at night to watch a movie on Netflix


7. Gives you an energy boost to get through the Witching Hour with your kids


8. It burns calories


9. You can use it as an excuse not to do housework


10. It makes you feel like you’re catching up on sleep lost during the night


So to summarise, if you have the opportunity to take a nap, DO IT. Because naps are life.

Note: none of the above is true because chances are your kids will never allow you to nap. LOLOL. 


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