Netflix, Google & Parenting


Netflix, Google & Parenting

I get asked so many weird questions by my kids, at the most random of times. Often it’s in the middle of watching a Netflix show (like Madagascar or My Little Pony) and they need clarification on a word or a subject.

Now I like to think I’m quite smart, and I do know a lot of words and things, but it turns out I don’t know EVERYTHING; and since having children, my brain kind of took an extended holiday and hasn’t fully returned.

So my knowledge of everything, isn’t as good as what it used to be.

So when I get asked “Mum, what does integrity mean?” or “Mum what does ‘house settling’ mean?” my brain has no clue, so I have to take to Google to help me out.

Not only does it help to reeducate my brain, but it also helps to perpetuate the idea that I know everything.

Also, believe it or not, I actually learn something at the same time that I potentially didn’t know before.

Netflix is full of wonderful shows that help educate our kids – My Little Pony AND Charlie & Lola are great at teaching kids about friendship. Madagascar teaches children about different animals and of course The Little Prince teaches children about growing up.

Everything a child watches, they learn from, and naturally there will be some things they don’t know about; so they turn to us to ask questions.

As I said above, that’s where Google comes into play; and helps to continue the idea that “Mum and Dad know everything” …

Plus sometimes, I get watching something with Jason Momoa in it, so I have to Google “What else is Jason Momoa in” so that I can continue my addiction with him ….. PS totally watch The Bad Batch for a nice piece of Momoa.

What weird questions have your kids asked you that you’ve had to Google?


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