New Year’s Goals: The Mum Version


My Parenting Goals 02Gah I hate goals.  Especially New Year goals.  Things always start off with a roar, and end in a fizzle.  Or not at all.

And it’s normally around my weight and the fact I need to lose it.

Let’s just be honest ladies, every year on the 1st January we always want to lose weight.  That’s a given.  So here’s a list I put together of things as a Mum I should probably focus on:

  1. Stop stressing about what my kids are eating
    If they’re hungry, they will eat.  If they’re not, then blah.  Caring factor of zero.
  2. Less iPad time / More iPad time
    Stop stressing about iPad time
  3. Use more cookie cutters
    Impressing the shit out of my kids with boring food that looks exciting is my plan of attack (but as you know, if they don’t eat it, I’m not stressing!)
  4. Remember to put my phone down and actually play with my kids
    It’s really easy to get caught up in my “work” and contact with the outside world
  5. Spend a day (or more) saying yes to them
    Unless, of course, they ask to cross the road without holding my hand – bugger that.
  6. Do things that push ME out of my comfort zone
    Sometimes it’s easy to say no to the kids because I don’t want to do it
  7. Let them mix the play dough colours 
    And pour me a stiff drink at the same time to deal with the mixed colours
  8. Kids need to eat the same meals as us
    The kids sometimes have a different meal from us, especially at dinner time.  Time for that to stop.  I’m waay too lazy to continue that crap …
  9. Drink more coffee
    Let’s be honest here, I’m way better in the morning after I have a coffee or three
  10. Wine O’Clock is going to be a thing
    For my sanity, and my husband’s.  
  11. Remember that my kids still love me even if I think I’m a failure
  12. Spend more time with my husband one-on-one
    We never have date nights / days.  Never.  Time for us to change that.
  13. Do my best as a parent, and be ok knowing that that is enough

I begrudgingly wrote this list, because I hate writing goals.  But it is good to look forward and think about how we can be more positive about our year to come.

Do you have any goals yet?  Apart from losing weight, what else do you want to focus on?


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