Out Of My Routine


Out of my Routine


Today I was out of my routine.  My usual.  The order in which I do stuff.  If you can’t tell – that picture is from about 10 minutes ago.  My hair totally gets how I feel.

It is currently 7:02pm, and I am at the dining room table on my laptop typing this.  My 2 year old is on a tablet, and my 4 year old is on a phone. I am most definitely not winning the “mother of the year award” …

Tonight instead of having dinner at home, we had it at my parents house.  It was fantastic – the kids love it there.  But I didn’t get home until 630.  I hadn’t fed the kids at home, didn’t give them a bath, didn’t let them have a play.  My usual routine.  I also hadn’t cleaned the lunch-boxes, made the lunches for tomorrow, put away the washing … and the millions of other things I do between 3pm and 7pm.

Instantly I felt overwhelmed.  Got shitty (tried not to take it out on the kids).  Threw the kids into their PJ’s and then parked them in front of a device.

Just so that I could pull my shit together.  I then went and did the millions of things (which was actually 5 things) I usually have done by 7pm.

I am not proud of it.  But that’s what happened.

When stuff like that happens, and my routine goes out the window, sometimes I can’t deal with it.  MOST of the time, I’m ok.  But tonight I wasn’t.

It’s like I’m a toddler sometimes ????

I’ve gotten everything done now, and feel better that I’m back on track.

Anyway.  I just wanted to have a bitch.  If you read this – thanks for taking time to do it.  Hopefully it wasn’t to much of a waste of your time.


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