Parenting Hack: Egg Timer

Egg Timer Parenting Hack by Happy Mum Happy ChildMy kids were fighting over a toy today, so naturally I told them “You can play with it first, and then in 5 minutes, the other one can have a turn”.

I thought to myself “crap, I’m totally going to forget the time on this”, and saw my egg timer by the oven.


So I set it for five minutes, and when it rang out, the kids swapped over.  It worked like a charm!  So it got me thinking, what else can I use this for:

1.  Getting Out of the House: Set the timer and say “ok we are leaving soon, when the timer goes off you have to put your shoes on”

2.  Time-Outs:  If you use the time-out method in your house, this is a great way of keeping track of time.  We haven’t needed to do it for a while, and the last time I did it, I used the clock in the kitchen and kept forgetting what time I started …

3.  Parenting Breaks:  Need 5 minutes to yourself (or 15 lololol), then set the timer and tell your children when it goes off, it’s time to play!

4.  Play times:  As I said above, if you need to time how long each child is playing with a toy, or doing an activity, the egg timer would work perfectly. Just turn it to the desired time, and voila!  TOO EASY!

5.  Shower Time:  Chuck the timer on when they go in the shower, and then they’ll know when they need to get out, and you don’t need to go and yell at them (hopefully LOLOLOL).

6.  Brushing Teeth:  Pretty self explanatory on this one.  Set the timer for 2 minutes and tell them to get brushing!

7.  Get off the Internet: Not that I have an addiction to the internet (lie), but you can even use the timer for yourself LOLOLOLOL

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I agree, timers are great!

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