Pay Attention At The Pools


Watch Your Kids in the pool

So we had a visit to the pools yesterday.  Just a regular trip – no swimming lessons.  Just letting the kids get used to the water and playing in the pools.

My daughter has been wanting to go in a slightly bigger pool than the “baby pool”, which is only knee deep.  So I decided since she’s been learning to swim in the next-size-pool up, she should be ok in it.  When she stands up in the bigger pool, it’s up to her shoulders.

So after being at the baby pool for 10 minutes or so, I said to my daughter “would you like to try the bigger pool?”, and of course she did.

The next bit happened so quickly and I am so glad I was with them (actually stood up to take my girl there, even though it was right in front of us).

I asked my girl to walk down the stairs, but instead she jumped in.  She went straight under, and I knew instantly she wasn’t prepared for that.

My 2 year old immediately followed suit.

Both kids under the water.  HOLY SHIT.

I went into the water and pulled my boy out, and as I did, my girl found her feet.  Phew.

But my boy was in hysterics.  As you would expect.  I yanked him out of the pool and put him on the side.

I was consoling my boy, and trying to watch out for my girl.  And obviously, during this time, my girl decides to jump BACK in to the water.  So I catch a glimpse as she does it again – shocked that she can’t swim and has gone straight under the water.

When she finally finds her feet, I say “Get out of the water”, and she ignores me.


She tries to argue with me that she’s ok, and that she wants to stay in the pool, but it’s clear she isn’t listening.

So I loudly count to three.  She still doesn’t listen.

Photo 11-03-16, 5 24 34 AM
I showed my cry face on Snapchat

So yelling, I drag her out of the pool.

Bear in mind, my 2 year old is screaming also.  And now wants to go home.

So 10 mins into our pool visit, we’re leaving.  Much to my girl’s disgust.  She protests.  She screams.  She cries. I’m the worst mother in the world.

But I’m upset.  And I hold it in until we get halfway home, and then I burst into tears.

What if my kids had drowned.  What if I hadn’t been there right at that exact moment.

I felt like a terrible mother that the whole thing had happened.  I, one thousand percent, felt responsible for the situation.  I felt bad for making my daughter cry.  I should never have let her go in the bigger pool.  I should have been paying more attention to my boy.  I criticised myself about what happend, and still do.

I cried.  A lot.

I’m ok now but I can’t stress to you guys enough – if you’re at the pools, it is YOUR responsibility to be watching your kids.  Yes, there is a lifeguard, but it’s YOUR child.  Please don’t play on your mobile phones.  It’s not worth it.

Anything can happen in a split second.

I only say this because so many people have told me that they see Mums on their phones while their kids are playing in the pools.  And while I was there when it happened, I realise some parents might not be and that scares me.

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