To The People Who Comment Negatively On The Internet

I receive my fair share of negativity and hate on the internet. Not as much as some people do, but I get enough.

99% of it is from women.

If I look at my male counterparts on the internet with a LARGER audience than myself, and they don’t get as much grief as I do some days.

It’s always baffled me that people waste their energy on spreading negativity.

The negative comment or action actually says more about the person writing the comment than it does about me. Which always makes me a little sad because I know that something in that person’s life isn’t quite right for them to be acting like that.

I know I’m not perfect and most definitely have made mistakes in my journey on social media; however I don’t go out of my way to be nasty to people I don’t like.

I don’t troll random people or bloggers or actors or anyone. I don’t actively watch their every move waiting for a slip up so that I can insert a jab publicly.

People do this to me, and again this says more about them than me, but I’m hoping with a little bit of my own positivity to affect change somehow.


Some people out there just don’t like me, or others. Nobody has to like anybody. However the amount of negativity spewed out towards those people (and myself) is truly baffling some days.

Instead of being negative towards each other, let’s take that negative energy and channel it into something positive and BLAST it towards the people you WANT to support.

Instead of writing that negative comment, take a step back and find the person you LOVE and shower them with the praise they deserve.

Go and support your favourite bloggers, businesses, teachers, etc etc. Shine a light in their life with happy, helpful, positive comments.

Don’t let your life be a ball of negativity, even for one moment or one comment; especially on the internet. A place that is often seen as “not real”.

Focus on the positive, and support the people you love; don’t try and tear down people you don’t like.

You may just find your life is a little happier for it, and you’ll certainly be making someone else’s life happier with that support.


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