Pet Therapy at Kidz First


Pet Therapy at Kidz First

Pet Therapy at Kidz First

Photo / Nick Reed (NZ Herald)

Yesterday while my daughter was in hospital at Middlemore’s Kidz First, we were advised there would be a bit of Banyard Fun down in the courtyard.

So we headed down and it was so much fun – animals, bubbles, face painting, lucky dips.  It was just absolutely fantastic to see sick kids come down and have a moment’s reprieve whilst in hospital.

My daughter patted the animals, had her face painted and tried to take the bubble machine (almost had tears when I told her no).

Everyone there was amazingly friendly.  There were radio hosts from ZM, and from Flava and they were SO fantastic with the kids.  Most of them didn’t have kids themselves, and I know how hard it is sometimes to be around other people’s kids but they did amazingly.

Even chatted to me a bit (weirdo).  I looked like I’d escaped a mental asylum at the time … looking back on the photos, I’m a bit embarrassed haha

Not surprisingly, my boy Ronan, had a lot of fun himself.  Pretty chuffed he was allowed to be involved in this experience too.

Anyway, the NZ Herald covered some of it here.  And you can read about more on the farm animals adventure on the Little Bo Peeps’ Travelling Sheep & Pony Rides page.

Thanks Kidz First, and to everyone who made the event memorable for so many sick children.

My daughter had a brilliant, solid sleep for 2 hours after the event – which was much needed.



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