Picnic Time

Picnic TimeWe are stuck at home this week thanks to a nasty virus, so instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, I thought we would have a wee picnic.

Miss 2.8 LOVED this idea, and helped me get everything ready.  We used containers to store the food in, and I managed to dig out an old and dusty hamper.  We had ham, cheese, biscuits, avocado, apricots, grapes, pears, raisins, bread and a “cup of tea”.

It was a bit windy outside for Mr 8 months, so we put the blanket down in the lounge and enjoyed ourselves indoors.

If you don’t have a hamper, you can always use a cardboard box, or a large storage container.  You can even use a plastic bag!  It’s still a fun surprise going inside and seeing what sort of food is there.

I’ve been a bit slack lately with the blog, so now that the viruses are (HOPEFULLY!) on the way out of our house, I’ll be able to get on here more and update.  Do stick around, I’ve got some great activity ideas coming up xx

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