Positive Things To Say To Your Child


Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Positives To Say To Our Children Titlea


I feel like I’m constantly yelling at my kids. Always saying no. So in my never-ending search to become the perfect parent, I stumbled across this image with 66 positive things to say to your child.

Before I read the list, I thought “AWESOME, I’ll have loads of ideas now”. However, it turns out I already say a lot of these. Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – like I wasn’t as useless as I initially thought.

I personally think it’s really important to be positive where possible, which is why I felt this needed sharing. Not only for ideas, but to also reassure you, that what you are doing is good.


Positive Things To Say To Your Child

This is 100% not mine, and is from Pop Sugar. However I did feel it needed sharing.

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