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logo-fTeam – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am very VERY fortunate to never have known anyone personally who has had breast cancer, or who has passed away from it.  But I have heard A LOT of stories, so I know it affects so many of you.

Did you know that around 3000 New Zealand women and 20 men are diagnosed every year? That’s 8 women each day!

ALL women are at risk – even if you’re like me and have no history of breast cancer in your family.

To help raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, you can donate on the 9th or 10th October in return for a Pink Ribbon.  Wear them loud and proud on your chests.  as a symbol of hope, that if detected early, breast cancer is much more survivable.

OR you can indulge in some of the very cool Pink Ribbon branded products that are available for a LIMITED time.  Estee Lauder, Pandora, and New Balance are just some of the brands supporting The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation this October.

A significant % of sales goes to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund breast health education, vital research and support programmes for women with breast cancer.  Like a new free counselling service to help women deal with the anxiety and stress which often accompanies the long term effects of a breast cancer diagnosis.

My personal favourites are:

Dove NZBCFDove
Next time you’re at the Supermarket, or somewhere that sells Dove, check out their NZBCF range.  Not only will you smell nice, but a portion of sales gets donated to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dove is once again partnering with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, continuing its support for education and medical research. The Pink Product range includes Dove Pink Anti-Perspirant Roll-On and Aerosol Deodorant.

2015 Pink Ribbon CharmsPandora
I am a HUGE Pandora fan.  Back before I had kids, I used to collect the charms (aaah money, I’ve forgotten what you smell like), and was obsessed with them.  If money wasn’t an issue, I’d be on this like a mouse to cheese.  PANDORA’s Pink Ribbon charms are available in sterling silver with pink cubic zirconia, as well as a Murano glass charm and sterling silver charm featuring pink enamel.

PANDORA is proud of the ongoing partnership with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, donating 30% of retail sales of Pink Ribbon products directly to breast cancer research each year.*

Visit www.pandora.net for more details and to find your closest PANDORA Store

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.32.36 pmFarmers
Who can forget Farmers!?  They’ve got this awesome Boobead Keyring for only $5.  From your early 40’s, it is important to have regular mammograms, and this Keyring serves as a reminder why.  The smallest lump (as represented by the first bead) is so small you wouldn’t be able to detect it by feeling with your hands.  Only a mammogram will do this.

To see the full Pink Ribbon Product range, please visit the NZBCF Pink Ribbon Products Page.

Also, please text ‘PINK’ to 4644 to donate $3 to October’s Pink Ribbon Appeal and The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

I will be volunteering this year to help raise funds / awareness on Saturday 10th October.  You can find me at Mitre 10 Mega in Manukau (Auckland) between 8am – 2pm.  Feel free to pop down and say hi!

Also, I’m extremely excited to do the Pink Star Walk this year.  My first time ever walking anywhere in public with a group of people (I know that’s a weird thing to say).

Feel free to come and join me.  Getting puffed while moderately walking is something I excel at, so lets do it together!!  Or just get your friends together and do the walk – it’s for a great cause!

Let me know below: have you ever supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating or buying a product?


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