Run For Your Life Part 1

This is a two part blog from Alison at Run for Your Life Coaching on taking your exercise regime to the next level.  I was particularly interested in this as I’ve always wanted to run but never felt like I could.  And heck, if running from a zombie is all you’re going to do, you better do it properly or else you’ll get EATEN. HAHAHA …

You’veAlison King mara finally got your body back to yourself – at least your womb is no longer occupied – and you desperately want to start moving to feel human again.

You’ve got the all clear from your GP or midwife and you’re finally starting to feel a little less like a zombie.

A lot of your mummy friends have suggested running as a great exercise, after all, you burn heaps of calories, you can take bubs with you if you really must and you end up with amazing pins.

But why is it that you see others looking like a gazelle yet you’re feeling like an asthmatic elephant?

As graceless as that may sound it’s the reality for a lot of us. We have a deep seated memory of feeling fit, as elegant as an ice skater yet it’s more like amnesia, heavy feet instead of gazelle-like flight.

We yearn to feel as svelte and athletic as the hot models, the celebrities who appear to snap back into their size 8s and the yummy mummies who march around the park with their matching Bugaboos.

You’re not alone and you don’t need to struggle.

Over two posts I’m going to share six steps on how to get started on your journey as a runner.

But make it realistic and timely. For example, if there is a 5km event near you and it’s 10 weeks away your goal could be to run the entire 5km distance (no time goals, we want to start slow). There are quite a lot of events help in spring, summer and autumn and if you’re lucky enough you might have a parkrun in your neighbourhood. These are free weekly 5km events and a great way to get moving in a non-competitive atmosphere.
What not to do: Don’t pick an event too soon, unless you are happy to compromise in terms of goal.

There are heaps of resources out there. Couch to 5km is a free app and you can also get advice from running clubs, facebook groups, friends or coaches like me (we don’t cost the earth).

You don’t need to run every day, in fact I would say please don’t. Training three or four times a week will be more than enough to get you to the start and finish of a 5km. Write your plan up and stick it where you can see it, ie on your fridge or bedroom mirror. That way you can easily see at a glance what you’re supposed to be up to.

The saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day can easily be applied to running. Your body has been through enough trauma without you making it work harder than it absolutely needs to. Sure, you want to challenge yourself, but you don’t want to hate running the first time you attempt it just because you’re trying too hard. For your first runs and this is applicable until you can run 5km if need be, take it slowly.

You want to have relaxed breathing, if you are with a friend you should be able to talk. If you are panting, feeling as if your heart is trying to leave your body, you are going too fast. Going too fast? Slow down, and if that means taking a walking break do it. No two runners are the same, some of us need more walking breaks than others when we start, it doesn’t make you less of a runner.

Tomorrow Alison will share three more tips.

10898058_10153050794476458_541535681730054215_n-1Alison King is a running coach at Run For Your Life Coaching. She is a mum and transformed herself from being 40kg overweight to completing a marathon when her son was 15 months old. Team Run For Your Life ( is for mums who run, whether they are just starting out or have run all their lives.

Also, the Run For Your Life Virtual Summit kicked off today to inspire and inform women runners. Everyone who signs up gets a workbook to help them identify their goals and what is stopping them from achieving them.

The sign up link is here:

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