Shopping for Kids at Christmas

Shopping for Kids at Christmas

Shopping for Kids at Christmas


Shopping for kids at Christmas time can be hard – how much do I get them? What do they need? Toys? Clothes? Lollies?  HELLLPPPP!

A few times now, on my LIVE chat on Facebook, people have said this neat rhyme that I felt would help to inspire us parents and think of ideas of what to get your kids. I found the original and have popped it in here (and linked to the blogger who wrote it).

Now you don’t have to get EVERYTHING from this list, but it’s just here to help give us ideas. I am already imagining what to get my kids thank to this:


The above image is a copy of the original from A Young Mum.

Feel free to share this image too – everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. Good luck with the shopping and planning for Christmas! It’s my favourite time of the year and just seeing this list not only gives me inspiration, it gets me excited.



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