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Sili Squeeze Review by Happy Mum Happy Child

Sili Squeeze 01As requested by a fellow Facebook team member (this is what I call the likers on my page), here is a review on the awesome Sili Squeeze with Eeeze from Cruisy Baby.

I got 2 x 177ml Sili Squeeze with Eeezes – one in red and one in blue.  Heaven forbid I only got one – there would have been mutany on my hand’s otherwise!

The Sili Squeeze is a silicon reusable food pouch.  Recommended for 2 years plus, it is great for homemade meals, smoothies, yoghurts and so much more.  Great for toddler hands, and can even be used by adults.  Hey I even tried it and thought it was cool!  DON’T JUDGE ME!

The Sili Squeeze is 100% food grade silicone and comes with either a free-flowing spout (that’s the one I got) or a spill-proof spout along with a spout cover.

As the opening of the pouch is very wide, and the base is flat, I was able to easily pour the yoghurt into the pouch.  When I turned into a mung bean, I used a funnel.  Because guys, honestly, I am an idiot and you know I got yoghurt all over the bench.  It’s all me though!

Photo 5-03-15 12 26 53 pmAs I got the larger of two sizes, it easily fitted a pottle of store bought yoghurt.  Probably could have put two in there if I wanted to.  It is a VERY generous size.

I gave one to my 3 year old and one to my 14 month old.  Both loved them.  Instantly knew what to do, although the 14 month old did struggle squeezing it.

The spout itself is free-flowing.  Meaning you can squeeze the pouch and the contents will come out.  You can buy a different type of spout which is spill-proof.

I found out it was a free-flowing spout when I squeezed the pouch and it popped out the top and all over the floor.  And you wonder who the child is!?

Once my kids had finished, there were leftovers, and it was easily stored back in the fridge up-right.  The flat base really is great!

I would definitely recommend the Sili Squeeze from Cruisy Baby as it is great for toddlers, and is a solid structure – easy to put the food into, and easy to store.

As I mentioned above, it is recommended for 2+.  My 14 month old did struggle with it as his hands were too small.  Poor wee thing knew what to do but just couldn’t do it!   I did continue to give it to my youngest, and he eventually got the hang of it.  But it did take time, so if you get it for younger than 2 (which is totally fine), be patient 🙂

If you have a younger toddler, and/or one who is learning to drink from a pouch, I would recommend getting the Sili Squeeze with spill-proof spout.  That will mean they actually have to put their mouth over the spout in order to get the food.  No more randomly squeezing it and it comes out!

You can buy two different sizes, the smaller is 118ml and is $22.95, and the larger is 177ml and is $24.95.  You can also buy a funnel for $7.95 and it fits perfectly into the pouch opening.

They also come with two different types of spouts – one is free flowing, and the other is spill proof

You can purchase your Sili Squeeze direct from Cruisy Baby.

Cruisy Baby have graciously offered HMHC readers a 20% discount on Sili Squeeze products.  When purchasing, just enter the code ‘HAPPY’ when checking out.  This code is valid for one week, until 18th May 2015.

Please be sure to check out Cruisy Baby’s FACEBOOK page too 😀

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