Giving The Kids Something To Look Forward To

We all know what it’s like when we know something exciting is coming up – it gives us purpose and can help us get through the days that are a little harder. I love having something to look forward to; and so I used this way of thinking to help my children out in certain situations.

They are home-bodies through and through, and would much rather be at home than at school. So early on, when they were younger, I implemented “Ice Cream Friday” and “Minecraft Friday”. Some of you may know about this from my Instagram stories (or Facebook stories).

Every Friday after school, we head into the Dairy (local corner store) and grab an ice cream or ice block. We don’t allow our kids to play on devices during the week, but they’re allowed on Friday afternoons. So it’s Ice Cream Friday and Device Friday.

I have conversations with my children all the time about school and how they feel about school. They’re really sensitive kids and can take things to heart even if things aren’t aimed at them. E.G. if the teacher is mad at the class, even if my children aren’t responsible, they can be really affected. Which is understandable.

Some kids can ignore it, because they know it’s not aimed at them specifically, but mine struggle with it. Obviously it’s more than this, but it means my kids react negatively quite a bit to school. This makes it challenging on so many levels.

We always chat about the necessity of school, and learning, but some of those conversations are over their heads. So I’ve decided to add in some more things during our week to give the kids something to look forward to.

Starting next week we are doing the following:

MONDAYS – The kids pick dinner … and it can be anything they want

WEDNESDAYS – Lucky Dip … we write a bunch of ideas on paper, put it into a bowl and at the beginning of the day, we pick out what we will do after school

FRIDAYS – Ice Cream Friday and Minecraft Friday … the tradition continues

Here’s what we brainstormed last night:

Do you have anything like this set up in your family? Or are your kids happy with being at school – a little envious if they are!

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