Stocking Fillers!

Christmas 02aI’m not quite at the stage yet where I am able to sell my Activity Boxes, so instead I’m going to be selling the super cute erasers I’ve gotten, as stocking fillers for Christmas.

I know it’s almost illegal to use the C word, but far out Christmas is bloody close!!!

These erasers are so ridiculously cool, any child will love playing with them.  My friends even come around and love having a little play.  They come apart and can be put back in different ways.

They range from $6-$8 each and are available only to New Zealand residents – sorry I am not organised enough to sell overseas yet haha.

I12746_1498200693798597_7223432156897800687_nf you’re interested, check out my FACEBOOK page, and PM me there.

I’ve also included an extra image of what some of the erasers look like when you take them apart.  I’m trying to source some dessert erasers too, which I have a feeling might be a bit more popular hehe

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