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Photo 1-09-15 2 06 47 pmThese last few weeks I’ve been really struggling mentally. My diet has slipped, and I have been eating gluten products again (I have Coeliac Disease, and have been gluten free for 1 month now).

It has become apparent that eating gluten foods not only wreaks havoc with my gut, it wreaks havoc with my brain too.

On Thursday / Friday, those normal “PND” thoughts started creeping back into my head, and I couldn’t figure out why. I’m on top of my meds, so it can’t be that.

So I started looking at my diet, and it’s not perfect. Eating gluten foods means that it’s usually processed – which means it’s bad for you anyway.

So my weight has been going up.

So my mood goes down.

Accepting that my diet has to change forever is a constant struggle. I love food so much.

Sometimes I wish I had a personal chef to make me exciting meals haha …

Also, yesterday, my 18 month old son accidentally knocked my laptop onto a side table, which knocked over my full cup of coffee and it spilt all over my laptop.

I wasn’t angry at him, because it was an accident, but internally I beat myself up for the situation occurring.

Then I had to use my stupid phone all day, and my entire routine got thrown out the window.  So then I had no laptop, which insurance wouldn’t cover because I didn’t realise you had to purchase additional cover for accidents (WTF, I KNOW) …

Just feels like my life is a bit blah at the moment.  I’m sure you’ve all had moments like that …. it’ll pick up, but sometimes it feels like I’ve dug a hole that I can’t get out of …..

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Carol Spring

Yep, I hear yah on your week. May you get some relief this coming weekend, and a better week next week. You need a support group for Coeliac Disease me thinks – a friend belonged to one, and they used to have back up meals to exchange when one was slipping or just too tired to stick to it. Chin up. Things can’t get worse … well unless K-mart went into liquidation …

Jo-Anna's Attic

I feel for you, I’ve had days like this too. The great thing is that it sounds like you’ve identified the culprits which is awesome. We all slip up sometimes. For me, it’s important to remind myself that sometimes we all just ‘have days like this’ instead of thinking ‘uh oh, here we go again down the rabbit hole’. Like you said, it will get better. Hugs! x


I’ve been having a lot of meh thoughts lately. So hard to keep it all going when you find you have to do something and you don’t want to too.


Sending you lots of love babe! Going gluten free was seriously the best thing I ever did – make sure you keep finding new recipes to keep things interesting (and sing out if you need any ideas!) x


Remember to be kind to yourself. I still have bad days/weeks and my youngest is 3 Not saying this to depress anyone, just to say hey, it’s okay. It’ll get better. Try and get some “me time” this weekend if you can. x

Kasey Eleanor

Awww lovely it’s a shitty time!! Please don’t beat yourself up for eating. We all do it. Hugs!!


Feeling a bit like this too, still have my laptop but no dvd player!! My kids life line! Ahhhhh, and on top of that been sick all weekend still not 100% and my routines all out of wack not to mention house work. Dont beat yourself up try and get ahead, ahead of time and maybe look into a support group or recipes for people that have just found out they have collieac disease etc 🙂

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