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Photo 1-09-15 2 06 47 pmThese last few weeks I’ve been really struggling mentally. My diet has slipped, and I have been eating gluten products again (I have Coeliac Disease, and have been gluten free for 1 month now).

It has become apparent that eating gluten foods not only wreaks havoc with my gut, it wreaks havoc with my brain too.

On Thursday / Friday, those normal “PND” thoughts started creeping back into my head, and I couldn’t figure out why. I’m on top of my meds, so it can’t be that.

So I started looking at my diet, and it’s not perfect. Eating gluten foods means that it’s usually processed – which means it’s bad for you anyway.

So my weight has been going up.

So my mood goes down.

Accepting that my diet has to change forever is a constant struggle. I love food so much.

Sometimes I wish I had a personal chef to make me exciting meals haha …

Also, yesterday, my 18 month old son accidentally knocked my laptop onto a side table, which knocked over my full cup of coffee and it spilt all over my laptop.

I wasn’t angry at him, because it was an accident, but internally I beat myself up for the situation occurring.

Then I had to use my stupid phone all day, and my entire routine got thrown out the window.  So then I had no laptop, which insurance wouldn’t cover because I didn’t realise you had to purchase additional cover for accidents (WTF, I KNOW) …

Just feels like my life is a bit blah at the moment.  I’m sure you’ve all had moments like that …. it’ll pick up, but sometimes it feels like I’ve dug a hole that I can’t get out of …..


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