The Internet is my Lifeline

The Internet is my Lifeline by Happy Mum Happy ChildTimes change.  People change.

I need my iPhone.  I need the connection to the outside world.  Human interaction.

I spend 14 hours out of my day with a 3 year old and a 18 month old.  Sometimes the most intelligent conversation revolves around me saying “don’t put your finger in there”, or “don’t pull her hair” or “take that out of your mouth”.

And I know I’m one of those sad Mums who gets to the supermarket and has a full on, life conversation with the checkout lady.  I just hope she thinks “Oh she’s a Mum, she doesn’t really get to talk to many adults”.

Years ago, before computers, before the internet, Mums were doing their own thing to keep sane.   Reading books, newspapers, magazines.  Doing crossword puzzles.  Talking on the phone.  Writing letters.

There is always something.

Don’t hammer the parent who chooses to check their FB page, or read the news on their phone.  Parents have been doing something similar for years – it’s just that the medium has changed.

If my kids are playing happily, and heaven forbid all the housework is done, then I will be on my phone.  As long as my children aren’t killing each other, it’s not necessary for me to play with them all the time.  They do actually need to learn to do things together (or by themselves.

And then, at the end of the day, when my kids are in bed, I read the news on my phone.  In bed (ooooooh such a rebel).

I say, do whatever keeps you sane.  Check your Facebook.  Read the news.  Have adult interaction whatever way you can.

Roll with it.  As I said in the first sentence, times change.  Who know’s what we will have in 10 years time.  I’m crossing my fingers for holograms.  Channing Tatum looking holograms ……

In a nutshell, we are so lucky to have the internet.  Embrace it.

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Those early years when the kids are young and our only conversation is about nappies can really do your head in. Do what ever you need to stay sane.


100% agree. My job as a teacher would be so much more time consuming if t wasn’t for the internet and its wealth of ideas. Also parenting would be so much lonelier. Great post.

Wellington Chic

Agreed, now Miss 15 and I share and talk about things we see on the internet, both serious stuff and crazy funny stuff…not to disimilar to when Dad & Mom would sit down to read the Newspaper in the evening and talk to us about things.
Sometimes they would cut things out and share them with us the next day or if it was someone we knew…we do the same now sharing links to photos and articles with people we know in them too ๐Ÿ™‚
Just instead of newsprint hands, I just get RSI/tingly nerve in my pinky finger from the way I hold things! Anyone else?


Agreed! You’ve got to have those lifelines of sanity, I’m so sick of people judging parents when they’re on their phone and taking a bit of time out to check FB – self care comes in many different forms!

mummy do it

Sometimes a few minutes of checking facebook is the only time out we get! And it’s good for the children to have some independent play and to know that mummy is having her time. Thanks for sharing with the #BlogFair Hope you can visit again next week.

good hooks for essays

I love coming across blogs with sane sounding moms. I love your approach and the way you try to explain why moms can’t be interacting only with their kids 24/7 and sometimes are sitting with their phone. My grandmother always has a go at someone with the phone in their hands, forgetting that when she had her kid, she would work most of the time and had fulfilling conversations at work. I haven’t worked till my kid turned two and for the first one a half years there wasn’t a day that I didn’t spend with my kid and even though I really enjoyed it, I can totally relate to what you said about having a full on, life conversation with the checkout lady. So I guess this comes down to be less judgmental if you haven’t walked in other person shoes. Enjoy yourself and as your blog title suggests happy moms have happy children!

Very interesting and exciting story. Appreciate it!

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