The Kids Go Back To School And I’m Sad

Tomorrow, here in New Zealand, our children go back to school. A lot of people are returning to work. In most instances, life resumes as normal.

I can’t help but be sad about this, for a few reasons.

Although my time over the last 8 weeks has been spent splitting up fights between my kids, getting them never ending snacks, and tearing my hair out at trying to home school them; I’m still sad that it’s ending.

I personally feel like my children have flourished while at home with me. I feel like the one-on-one time with me helping them with their school work has been incredibly beneficial.

My son (6) was struggling with reading, and I honestly believe he has gotten so much better.

My daughter, who struggles with getting things wrong, felt like she was in a safe space and didn’t get as upset as she would at school.

This isn’t a reflection on our teachers, it’s more of a reflection of society. There aren’t enough teachers in our schools, or enough classrooms. The number of students per teacher is at an all time high.

And the pressures felt by children from other children, can be overwhelming – especially if you’re an extra emotional child like my 8 year old is.

Another thing – my kids are the HEALTHIEST they’ve been in a long time. My daughter is asthmatic and picks up all the school bugs. She’s constantly got a runny nose. EXCEPT for the last 8 weeks. It’s been amazing.

I hesitate to say, but I’ve enjoyed this time at home, and I am sad that it’s changing. I know a lot of you out there haven’t felt this way, so bare with me while I share my own opinions …

I have spent a lot of today reflecting on how I feel about this whole thing, and I shared some of it over on my Instagram stories.

I thought to myself “I wish it didn’t have to go back to the way it was“.

Sometimes I wish school was part time. I don’t mind teaching the kids some things, and love that they have the one-on-one time with me. BUT I also know they will benefit from being taught by someone else; they will benefit from being in school with other children and learning to co-exist with other people as well as forming friendships.

I would love it if the work week to be 4 days, or 3 days at work and 2 at home. Surely there has to be more to life than fucking school and work right?

Two days a week (the weekend) of not doing these things is not enough.

Lockdown has shown us so much; it’s shown us that there needs to be more balance, and in some instances there can be.

Of course, I acknowledge my privilege in all of this. I am a stay at home mum, who’s husband was able to work from home during lockdown. I understand not a lot of you have this privilege, and I acknowledge lockdown has been rough for a lot of people.

This is just how I’m feeling right now.

Overall, I wish there was more balance in our life.

It seems crazy that we spend 5 days a week at school / working for our ENTIRE LIVES. With only 2 days off every 5 days.

It blows my mind.

And I know it might sound nuts, because a lot of you feel the opposite, but I am going to miss my kids when they’re at school.


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