The Lowdown: Home Ventilation

We recently got a SAYR Home Ventilation system put in, and a bathroom extractor fan; and I get questions a lot asking me how it’s going. So I thought I’d do a Lowdown blog post about home ventilation; to start chatting all about home ventilation systems and in particular the SAYR system.

As a family, we have been wanting to get one for a long time, so have done our research and I want to share with you what we learned …


Home Ventilation is essentially the use of ducting and fans, in the roof, to remove the moist air out of the house and replace it with dry filtered air from in the roof. Most houses usually suit a positive pressure ventilation system which forces stale, often moisture-laden indoor air out through gaps around doors, windows etc.


In New Zealand, Asthma is a problem – 1 in 4 kids suffer from it. Obviously the house in which you live can be a contributor towards aggravating it – when a house is damp, dust mites and mould are present. Removing the moist air out of the house, through a ventilation system, will help with this incredibly.

Here’s some of the benefits of a home ventilation system:

1. Improves Air Quality
You’d think that the air in your house was fine, but often the inside of a house can be worse than outside. A good ventilation system will help expel a build up of pollutants, bacteria, moisture and smells.

2. Reduce Condensation
When you have condensation (as a lot of homes here in New Zealand do), you can get mould – this is something you want to avoid for ALL of us. Not just for those with respiratory issues. Good ventilation will help reduce these risks. To read more about reducing condensation, check out the SAYR Ventilation page.

3. Better For Your Health
Indoor air pollution coupled with bad ventilation can lead to a number of health problems including headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes and sinusitis. All of which can be improved with the installation of a good ventilation system.

So as you can see, having a well designed and installed home ventilation system, like SAYR, offers the convenience of good ventilation by continuously replacing air, independently of weather conditions.


SAYR Home Ventilation systems have a micro processor which calculates your desired settings in conjunction with what nature is currently offering and communicates with either an individual fan or a series of fans situated in the ceiling cavity.

The controller dictates the fan speed receiving information from various sensors placed inside and outside the home. The fan then takes fresher, filtered drier air from outside and using the giant solar collector (your roof) warms this air and quietly disperses it through the whole home after having filtered it through a hospital grade F8 filter.

The air after leaving the filter is cleaner and fresher than the air currently outside your home. When in filtering mode, you will hardly know it is going at all.


With the SAYR Home Ventilation system, the team come in and install fire retardant ducting which is specially constructed to withstand the extreme temperatures found in your roof.

You’ll also get hospital grade F8 filters – these are treated with anti-microbial agents which help destroy pollutants on contact.

In each room (other than the bathroom – that’s what the extractor fan is for), you’ll be supplied with SAYR ceiling vents – they’re specially designed to direct airflow where it is needed. They are unobtrusive and will complement any décor.

In the roof, a SAYR fan motor will be installed – it’s supplied by the worldwide leader, EBM Papst of Germany, known to be the best for performance, reliability and quietness.

And finally, a NZ designed and manufactured Control Panel will be installed. It features a Smart Management System and is fully automated.


The SAYR Ventilation team have bathroom extractor fans – it’s their latest product and is fully automatic. This means it’s constantly running, and has a humidity control function – so no more switches! When it detects moisture, it powers up and extracts the damp air. The running cost is 2 cents per day – so it’s not huge!


The day to day running cost of a SAYR ventilation is from as little as 8c day.

Since each house is different, and as such you’ll need to get one of the SAYR Ventilation team members to come in and give you a comprehensive quote.

If you’d like to get a free quote from the SAYR Ventilation team, click here.

The SAYR Ventilation team also do a home assessment for you – A fully trained SAYR ventilation assessor will be able to explain how the Home Ventilation System works, and give you advice on other areas which may need attention i.e. insulation, home heating and air conditioning.


The SAYR team will be at the Home Show / Home & Garden Show this year, and will be happy to chat to anyone wishing to look into their Home Ventilation Systems. The Home Show dates are:

North Shore Home & Garden Show
8-10th March 2019

Waitakere Home & Garden Show
24-26th May 2019

Auckland Home Show (South)
21-23rd June 2019

Auckland Home Show
4-8th September 2019

Waikato Home & Garden Show
3-6 October 2019


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