Things I Love #2

Things I Love 02Ok here are the things I have been loving this week:

1. My New Washing Machine
I have been without a washing machine for TWO WEEKS now.  It has been pure torture having to take it to my parents house … anyway, with my parents help, we purchased a new one and I am SO stoked with it!  9.5kgs of pure washing machine goodness 😀

2. We Are What We Eat
Discovered the amazing We Are What We Eat website and made the Potato & Egmont Cheese crisps … I’ve made them THREE nights in a row and plan on doing it again. SO SO GOOD!  I also devoured several of the Terrific Truffles (the ones specifically in the picture above haha).

3.  Kindy
Number 3 again – same as last week haha … saving my daughter and I from killing each other since ages ago (this may be a regular in this list as well).

4.  My Parents
I always love my parents and my husband’s parents, but this week my Mum and Dad came over and looked after the kids while we went to a community meeting.  When we got home the kids were in bed, and the house was all quiet.  LOVED IT!

5. Happy Mum Happy Child
And finally, I am grateful for my page.  This page has given me the opportunity to do so many things, and to connect with so many people.  It brings me such great joy knowing all of you guys and having you a part of my life.  I have two major giveaways coming up which excite me beyond belief.  Knowing I can give away things is the BEST ever.  I’d rather give everything I had away than keep it myself … that’s why I love Christmas too HAHA!

PS the giveaway for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine goes LIVE tomorrow.  So make sure you check my FB page when you first wake up 😀

I am LOVING writing this list – it makes me think back on the week and I love thinking “what have I really enjoyed about this week”.  It’s puts a positive spin on life instead of a negative one.

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