Totally Mum Things That We Do

Totally Mum Things That We Do

Totally Mum Things That We All Do


I went out on the weekend, to a brunch with bloggers. There were a couple of kids there, young kids (2.5 and younger) and they were beautifully behaved.  A couple of times they started getting restless, and I delved into my hand bag and pulled out a couple of toys, which the kids seemed to enjoy.

There was also a “mud” incident afterwards, where a child fell over in the mud, and my wonderful wipes came in handy. It got me thinking about all the totally Mum things that we do:

  1. We always have wipes in our bag
  2. We have random snacks in our bag
  3. We also have random toys in our bag
  4. Our hand bag is often the size of a small city
  5. Our phone’s memory is taken up by kid’s games / apps
  6. We go out shopping for ourselves and end up looking for kids stuff
  7. A toy sale brings us great joy
  8. We can jump into “mum mode” at any given moment
  9. We can simply give a look to other mums and it’s like a mum code for “we get you”
  10. We can recite quotes from kids movies
  11. The only new movies we see are kids movies
  12. We go out with other adults (without kids) and end up talking about kids
  13. When we hear a friend is having a baby, we get excited that we can finally talk to another person about the joys of parenting
  14. We apologise for our messy car / house, but each of us totally understands
  15. We have a previously unknown appreciation of coffee, and wine
  16. Some days we feel our kids are driving us crazy, but we all know it’s worth it (especially when they go to bed and there’s silence)
  17. We all have days where we want to throw in the towel, but we don’t. We just keep going …

I never thought when I became a parent, that the above would happen, but after the weekend it became obvious that ONCE A PARENT, ALWAYS A PARENT ahah … even if we don’t have kids with us.



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