This Samsung Quick Drive Washing Machine Is INSANE


We have had a few washing machines over the years – mostly hand-me-downs or machines that break easily. So when the team over at Samsung approached me and asked if I’d like to review a brand new washing machine of theirs, AND KEEP IT, I jumped at the opportunity.

A bit of background to our house / laundry situation: our laundry is in our garage. NOT inside the house. So we can’t just quickly throw things into the machine; and it’s not easy for us to tell if the machine has finished – UNTIL NOW.



The Samsung team gave our family the Samsung Quick Drive Bubblewash 8.5kg washing machine.

This machine is big enough (and then some) for our family of 4. I know growing up my parents had a smaller washing machine than this and there were 6 of us. So this is PLENTY big enough for us.



  • ADDWASH – you can add washing into the machine without opening the actual door. ANYTIME during the cycle (as long as the load isn’t over 50 degrees).
  • QUICKDRIVE™ – instead of having the main drum, the Quick Drive also has a back plate which rotates independently. This means the clothes move in all directions (not just around / up and down).So clothes are washed washed quickly, efficiently and gently and faster than other front loaders.
  • FAST WASHING – like the name says, the rotating QuickDrive design means a quick cycle. The quickest wash is 39 minutes and it does an amazing job.
  • BUBBLEWASH – you can soak your clothes prior to washing, helping to remove those stubborn stains.
  • HYGENICALLY CLEAN – steam is released from the bottom of the drum during this cycle, giving your clothes a hygenic clean. The steam is 90 degrees, and will remove engrained engrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and inactivate allergens.
  • SMART THINGS APP – you can do so much with this app… you can control the washing machine, see where the cycle is at, receive notifications when the washing machine has finished it’s cycle, find out the best cycle to wash your laundry AND MORE!



Pretty much all of the features I listed above are things I love, but there are THREE main points I want to really chat about that I loved.

ADDWASH – I am constantly forgetting to add clothes into the washing machine AND I drop stuff on the way to the machine and don’t realise until it’s too late. The ADDWASH function means I just have to pause the machine and I can add in these last bits and pieces. Even if the machine is full of water, I can still add it in (as long as it’s not too hot).

SMARTTHINGS APP – this app is truly amazing. If you follow me on Snapchat or Insastories, you’ll know my husband is heavily into automating our house, and using this automation to notify us of things that are happening. The SmartThings App fits in perfectly with this allowing me to be notified of when the washing machine has finished. I also LOVE that if I’m ever unsure what cycle to put it on, I can use the “recipe function” within the app, and it’ll advise me what to use.

Finally, the QUICKDRIVE™ – I love knowing that the laundry is getting a proper clean. Especially when we have kids who constantly get muddy and dirty. ALSO, we still have bedwetters. Which means we just HAVE to have a machine that can handle that type of wash.



Check out my video review here on YouTube:

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